Do you recognise this? You are well educated and you have a good job. But the work saps all your energy and you experience a lot of stress.So when you get home at night you are all out and you can’t be the good parent or the loving partner you want to be. Living and working with autism is taxing, People with (traits of) autism stand a high chance of burnout, because of the high levels of stress they experience.

More peace of mind, less stress
As specialist autism coach I can help you to experience less stress and  get more grip on your life. To the extend that you still have energy left at the end of the workday. So you can bet hat fun parent or a loving partner. So you will experience a better life quality.

I use the method: ‘More peace of mind, less stress’. This method has been developed by Marja Boxhoorn. The method teaches you the seven steps to reduce stress and get more peace of mind.

Better relationships with autism
If you have (traits of) autism, it is often hard to establish relationships with people around you. Wether at work or in daily life, you often get the feeling that you don’t fully understand others, and vice versa. Therefore, dealing with other people is very tiring for you.

I can help you with this! The method: Better Relationships, also developed by Marja Boxhoorn, helps you to work step by step to meaningful relationships with your partner, friends, colleagues…. You can apply this to any kind of relationship.

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